MB242 - A bit of nipple clamps training

December 29, 2013 ---- picture set and video clip

Pictures don’t really show how petite Cory Spice is, but we managed to find her a collar and chastity belt! And to get out of those, she will have to take the nipple clamp challenge! Training Cory has been going pretty well, she even obediently folds her arms behind her back when she is waiting for instructions. Her huge boobs have very sensitive nipples, so this self clamping will be pretty hard on our poor slave girl! Will there be a sound? An expression of pain? Will she take them off right away or can she manage a longer clamping? And does she realise taking them off hurts even more than putting them on? Don’t miss it!

One Response to A bit of nipple clamps training

  1. Ndidi says:

    She is beautiful. Those eyes! And her body language. So adorable!

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