MB241 - Ashley Bulgari and Eileen Sue fiddled

December 22, 2013 ---- picture set and video clip

Ashley Bulgari introduced many of her friends (Tea, Tiffany, Tracy) to MetalBondage.com, and today it is time to bring in Eileen Sue. They appeared together on www.chastitybabes.com before, where they were custom fitted with colorful full chastity outfits! Of course, they had to be locked into those for today’s shoot! Ashley and Eileen look incredible in their belt and bra, and we thought they would look even better in RigidFiddles! As a special challenge, we locked them into the fiddles with their arms around a horizontal bar! The key is on the floor, so they will have to grab it with their toes to be able to free each other! Will they be able to do it, or will they be stuck and angry?

3 Responses to Ashley Bulgari and Eileen Sue fiddled

  1. Michael says:

    The middle finger tells me these girls need to be locked in bondage mittens.

  2. Forestier says:

    Too short! With a higher horizontal bar, they could have spent much more time fiddled!

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