MB255 - Chastity belt and waist belt

March 30, 2014 ---- picture set and video clip

For years, scientists have tried to find a solution to this age-old problem: how can you get a girl to wear a chastity belt AND a waist belt at the same time? We even did quite a few shoots without chastity when a metal waist band was required for the bondage position. But now, with the help of the stunningly tiny fashion model Sylvie, we think we found a solution! We figured if we just use elbow cuffs and attach them to the waist band, it will keep the waist band high enough to allow for a chastity belt to be fitted. The problem is, the elbow cuffs and waist will drop down inevitably… so we solved this by keeping the arms slightly bent with a spread bar! Brilliant! Take that, scientists!

6 Responses to Chastity belt and waist belt

  1. Pat says:

    You can also connect the elbow cuffs directly to the rear of the chastity belt… at least the chain style ones with D-rings spaced evenly between three o-clock, six o-clock and nine o-clock. Without the crotch shield nor the rear shield, a chastity belt is but another bondage belt. And you already have a heavy chastity belt making this exercise kinda redundant.

  2. JO says:

    Hope one day one of the girls will be willing to try a buttplug. Wonder if she would be able to reach the plug, would be fun to see her try!

  3. Pat says:

    Another option with the elbow cuffs or the belt its self would be to link them to a bra or a collar to keep them elevated just as garter chains hold up thigh bands.

    Correction: chastity belts have three to five D-rings dividing three and nine o’clock to two, four, eight and ten.

  4. emma wylde says:

    hi im interested in a steel waist belt/band with 2 D rings one at each side,could you tell me more about them please.

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