MB254 - Pling in the Globe Cage

March 23, 2014 ---- picture set and video clip

Long haired Pling was feeling a little playful (must be the chastity belt that she now wears almost permanently)… very playful even! Toying and hanging around the Globe Cage, we think she just asked for it: a nice afternoon in this steel round prison! A whole afternoon? Yes, why not? Pling loves bondage, and we love seeing her in bondage, so we gagged her, locked her wrists to the cage, locked her ankles outside the cage, and she was all set for an afternoon of fun! Well, maybe she didn’t like sitting on hard metal and drooling after about 2 hours, but that’s not our problem! Enjoy watching Pling trying to plea her way out with her sad eyes and whimpering!

3 Responses to Pling in the Globe Cage

  1. Tom says:

    Ping is my favourite!

  2. Gladiator says:

    This is very innovative! I suddenly understand the concept of “globalization”!
    Pling is tireless in her efforts to please the audience.

  3. Forestier says:

    She has too much room! Why not a standing cage or, better yet, a gibbet?

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