MB281 - The Lady and the breast press

September 28, 2014 ---- picture set and video clip

Lady Roswell Ivory is so composed and graceful! That’s why it is such fun to lock her into a chastity belt, naked, and padlock a very heavy collar on her neck. Not at all lady-like, although she still will try to pose in a dignified way. Let’s see if we can make her a little more submissive and worried… Some members have suggested we should try this locking breast press. We didn’t build it, we bought it, and that was probably a mistake. It doesn’t work really well, as the arch of the metal press plates is too big. But it is locking in the back, and it does work well enough to make Lady Roswell a little concerned about turning those wingnuts more and more… We will have to build one of these ourselves!!

3 Responses to The Lady and the breast press

  1. tronic says:

    … can’t get the video!? what’s wrong? … “error 404”!!!

  2. jd says:

    I look forward to you building your own, more effective, breast press and using it on the Lady… or any other girl with big breasts, for that matter.

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