MB287 - Hannah Claydon boob cuffed

November 9, 2014 ---- picture set and video clip

As I had the amazing Hannah Claydon in a chastity belt and collar for 24 hours anyway, why not play with her a little bit!? I mean, what’s the harm? Unlike most models, Hannah actually has 8 attachment points instead of 6. Yes, work that one out in your head… ;-)
A pair of neck cuffs are such a perfect fit for Hannah’s boobs, it just has to be seen to be believed! Yes, she is really cuffed to an overhead frame by her boobs! I restrained her wrists to spread her arms out, and a chain across her lap, to prevent her from standing up. But all this wasn’t really necessary, as I found out later in the shoot. Even with all other restraints removed, Hannah could still not escape from the frame. Cuffed only by her boobs, she was completely stuck until someone with a handcuff key would help her. Watch her get frustrated by the idea that her boobs can keep her from going anywhere!

4 Responses to Hannah Claydon boob cuffed

  1. Chastity Lover says:

    Hannah, your magnificent body looks great displayed so perfectly in locked metal. I really love the submissive kneeling position that makes you look so enticing.

    The chastity belt & collar are really good for you. I would love to see you that way much more often. Keep up the good work, and come back soon!!

  2. Traumaemt says:

    Hannah, That body looks G R E A T with how it is locked up on that frame!! What an AWESOME shoot!!

    However, I can use MY imagination on how to lock up a girl to that frame so secure, and use ALL attachment points (plus several more :-) ), to make a girl have just the ultimate turn-on moment in Metal Bondage, of course, she would also have to be in her Chastity Belt!!

  3. Jay says:

    All u need 2 add is terribly painful nipple clamps, tight ball gag to stop all the screams & ya may be a butt plug that shocks her every minute or so & leave her like that for VERY !! LOOONG !!! Hours & that would make a perfectly obedient , disciplined slave…

  4. Aaron says:

    I agree with Jay, nipple clamps, a dildo, and a buttplug and another girl smacking your ass should be supplemented with breast cuffs. sooooooooooooo hot.

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