MB303 - Leyla Gold caged

March 1, 2015 ---- picture set and video clip

Aah the cage with the built-in collar! A fan favorite and one that we didn’t feature for a long time. Let’s get one of our pet slaves to lock herself in the cage again! With her bright blue eyes and massive boobs, Leyla Gold is a perfect play thing (well, she would be if she wasn’t locked in a chastity belt for her own protection). Submissive and sultry, Leyla manoeuvres herself into the small cages, locking the door with a padlock. She then locks herself into the built-in collar, leaving her completely helpless. To make sure, we even lock her wrists to the corners of her cage, so she will have to stay on her knees, boobs dangling, big blue eyes pleading… Nice!

4 Responses to Leyla Gold caged

  1. Marco says:

    Thank you for publishing this update, although later than usual. Today I lost a bet with my girlfriend and as a penance I had to wear shoes with high heels, standing all the time, from 12:00 until the publication of this update today.

    • webmaster says:

      I’m sorry ;)

    • Mariusz says:

      I bet you felt relieved to see this update then! As a kinky twist, your girlfriend should consider also locking these high heels on you for the duration of the bet’s penalty! It makes it ten times more exciting!!! A few dog collar chains and padlocks will do just fine, trust me I’ve tested it so many times…

  2. Tom says:

    I love Leyla Gold pleading big blue eyes!

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