MB306 - Vina – 19 year old submissive

March 22, 2015 ---- picture set and video clip

An email from a cute 19-year old UK girl grabbed my attention. Vina wanted to come over to spend a weekend in chastity. If you are following ChastityBabes.com, you know how that turned out! It was amazing! Little Vina is a pure submissive: tiny, innocent, shy, and she LOVES bondage! When we were adjusting the chastity belt, she just kept saying ‘tighter, tighter, tighter!’. She really wanted it super tight, no cheating! I also locked her into a chastity bra, and a huge heavy collar. Let’s see what this girl can do! Without any further instructions, Vina encountered the slave post in my studio. Would she lock her collar to the post like a good girl?

9 Responses to Vina – 19 year old submissive

  1. SP says:

    She has a desire to please and an urge to experiment. I’m glad she found your studio.

  2. IDman says:

    She looks amazing.

    This is how tight the belt should always be!

  3. ChastityLover says:

    Vina is so submissive! You are correct – she is perfectly happy and content with tight, inescapable bondage. I look forward to many more deals with her for years to come.
    I am very pleased with Vina and her good behavior.

  4. Tom says:

    Always interesting to see girls wearing chastity belt as it should be worn. Not that these adjustable chastity belt is the best, but to fit many models, it´s an excellent option.
    Now I hope we’ll meet Vina more times. She is so cute and have an innocent look.

  5. Latexlover says:

    I like to See her in Latex with chasity

  6. Forestier says:

    Nice girl, nice gear, nice position…

  7. ndidi says:

    Vina is a very sweet-looking girl 💛 Thank you for this

  8. ndidi says:

    Watching this, I can imagine Vina’s frustration feeling horny in this situation . . . it’s a very nice video

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