MB307 - Little Caprice framed!

March 29, 2015 ---- picture set and video clip

Little Caprice! Who doesn’t know her :) She is back, all naked except for a heavy collar and wrist cuffs, and she is looking at the metal pipe construction we built for her! It looks scary, and Little Caprice isn’t too sure if she wants to do this… But she has to! She is told to mount the horizontal pipe that makes her stand on her toes. We quickly lock her ankles in place, and attach her wrist cuffs high above her head. Little Caprice is now unable to escape this metal frame, she has to stay on her toes!. Watch her struggle as her legs start trembling and she has to rest her pussy on the cold metal bar.

12 Responses to Little Caprice framed!

  1. Tom says:

    She looks a little worried, but as always cute.

  2. SP says:

    Interesting metal version of the Spanish donkey. Caprice seems a little less impressed with the creativity.

  3. Young_engrs says:

    Hi little caprice. I notice that she is very small <100 lbs 45 kg. The clothes and chastity belt she normally wear seem a bit heavy on her? I wish she would try a composite type belt. I don't have one free to donate at the moment as in my personal life I am trying to do less female chastity. (rolls eyes)

    I think you could enjoy it.
    Good Luck

  4. SP says:

    Sorry to backtrack but she… well… no one does pouty quite like her.

    You have to take pleasure in the little things, like the fact the room is not cold. …. cause, …well, wet skin and a metal pole. :)

    Maybe a version of the one bar prison that didn’t make it out of R&D? :D

  5. Steve says:

    Best thing I have ever seen. Period. Caprice is so incredibly hot in bondage – I wish she would do more…

  6. Pat says:

    For bondage lovers who want to be locked in this frame but want a little more then a pipe to grind on: perhaps adding a dildo or maybe even a thrusting machine, or a simple penis ring for any males in one of these.

  7. Bud says:

    Wonder how she will feel as the pipe opens her vagina and she sits on it. Would love to be that pipe

  8. Forestier says:

    Highly imaginative contraption. Looks like a mediaeval punishment. I suggest a variation: with her hands in cuffs behind her back and behind the vertical pole.

    • zyx says:

      Hands are ok, may could be wider, and more rigidly. The pipe should be replaced by the metal horse, and lifted up, that her feet couldn’t touch the ground. Her legs could be wider and move a little back as well.
      It would be perfect.
      Or maybe position could be the same as in the scene with the sybian, but replaced by the metal horse.

  9. ndidi says:

    This is such a wonderful and artistic set and video 💖 It must feel so stimulating to be locked up like that 😁 I can’t help thinking of things one could do to make a girl’s predicament even more exciting though . . . like, this seems like the perfect position to be tickled in . . . 😆

    Thank you for shooting this! I’m gonna watch it many times!!

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