MB308 - Ariel Anderssen – reverse prayer predicament

April 5, 2015 ---- picture set and video clip

We love to test Ariel Anderssen! This tall blonde bondage diva can handle a lot and she likes to come over to try new and exciting metal bondage positions! Of course, she knows she will be locked in a chastity belt whenever she is visiting (and not just for the duration of the shoot), but we suspect she secretly loves that as well! This week, we suspend her reverse prayer to the ceiling! This is a very tough position, even for Ariel Anderssen! To prevent her from standing up, her ankles are locked together! It is a real predicament, because she is getting more and more tired, and she wants to bend down, but that will pull her wrists up even more. Don’t you just love to watch a little suffering?

One Response to Ariel Anderssen – reverse prayer predicament

  1. SP says:

    Most of the world’s greatest art comes from a little suffering.

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