MB312 - FEATURE: Kidnapped gymnast

May 3, 2015 ---- picture set and video clip

Welcome to a brand new series on MetalBondage.com! We will be doing some requests for fantasy abductions, starring some of our best models in their actual professions, being suddenly put in a heavy metal bondage situation. French model Lily has always been one of our top models, thanks to her unmatched flexibility. Lily is a professional gymnast, so the possiblities are endless! What if her quiet serene gymnast routine was suddenly changed into a horror scenario where she would find herself chained to a wall in an extreme leg split? Her feet aren’t even touching the floor! Lily may be stuck in this ultra stretching position for a long time! Can she do it? Poor gymnast girl! Well, it’s her own fault for being this flexible.

11 Responses to FEATURE: Kidnapped gymnast

  1. Mariusz says:

    I salute the wonderful idea of the girls’ fantasy abductions in their actual professions. And I must add that is a very nice start to this series!

  2. traumaemt says:

    Imagine that position, and she is wearing a chastity belt, possibly with a plug or two! WOW, would that be uncomfortable or what? I “think” it would be possible, just looking at the picture’s and everything, studying the poses that she is in, and looking specifically at the midsection, where the belt is worn. It would be interesting to see if she could wear one in that position!!!

  3. Marl says:

    excellent news, excellent situation, excellent model!! I’m even more delighted you chose a gymnast to start with :-D

    • webmaster says:

      Any preferences for the next professions? :D

      • Marl says:

        Well, I’m a bit monomaniac about that, so I might not be the best to give a brand new idea. =P
        But in the future, I’d love to see more gymnasts or ballet girls in various metallic restraints and flexible positions !

        • webmaster says:

          Promised :) … although full (over)splits are quite brutal.

          • Marl says:

            great !
            sure, don’t break her joints. :)
            but you can still hold her in back bends, front bends upside-down splits position. ^^

  4. SP says:

    Do you have any applicants for website scenario and product beta testing?

    That sounds easy!

    Senarios and products TBD : )

  5. FerranArtist says:

    This is adorable. I wouldn’t mind a bit more “distressed” acting on the part of the model, but overall, very nice. I’d love to see a tennis player next. :D

  6. Pat says:

    That that position in that shiny stretchy leotard screams hatachi wand

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