MB311 - Angelica – mannequin challenge

April 26, 2015 ---- picture set and video clip

Our One-Bar-Prison is generating a lot of buzz in the female bdsm community!! Is it really true? Can one bar hold a girl in place without any additional restraints? Is it really inescapable? Body builder submissive girl Angelica drove all the way from Germany to find out. This German girl is tough! She wanted to take on the challenge, and see for herself, as she was convinced she could escape from this device!! We just told her to bring her tallest heels (required for this challenge) and go for it! Angelica failed, and she really truly could not escape. She was stuck, and we told her to put her dress back on, so she could stand there for a while, like a life size mannequin.

21 Responses to Angelica – mannequin challenge

  1. SP says:

    It’s deliciously devious in its simplicity.

    Your new model was a beautiful choice to challenge this.

  2. FerranArtist says:

    I just joined this site specifically because a picture of the one-bar-prison came across my tumblr feed, and I’m so glad I joined. This is both devious and adorable!

  3. Pat says:

    Is the base plate really too wide to tip over? Even with the bar holding her weight in the center, Doesn’t it also give some leverage?

    • webmaster says:

      She needs to get both feet off the plate, it’s not possible, think about it :)

      • Pat says:

        I see your point. she’d also be leaning away from that side

      • SMMedical says:

        It’s all about center of gravity. Once that’s over the edge of the plate she’ll tip over and crash down. This will be very painful and potentially damaging. Like this she’s not going anywhere.

  4. Pat says:

    Am I the first one to notice the rounded slave collar that a lot of the other members were asking for?

  5. Pat says:

    Not every girl likes the idea of being immobilized by her vagina. But for those willing to try this and enjoy the bondage would have loads of fun with it. especially when add some vibration is added. maybe a few of those vibrating nipple/clit suckers or some light electrical toys to tease and please.

  6. Belosto says:

    Have you tried it from a kneeling position instead of standing? With everything else the same, would this be possible if she were kneeling?

  7. SMMedical says:

    Awesome! The video was way too short, had it been an hour or more I would just have sat in front of my TV drooling the whole time…

  8. DarthFugue says:

    A Member of the website – http://www.hucows.com/ – posted a LINK, to this page…

    To Quote “Darth Vader”: IMPRESSIVE… MOST IMPRESSIVE!!!

    I have ONLY ONE Question, for you: “Where can I get/buy one”; and, “How MUCH are they?” (Okay – that’s 2 Questions!)

    • SP says:

      It is pretty unique isn’t it.

      Never seen anything like it anywhere else.

      If you think this update is sweet….you really should see Natalia in the one bar prison.

      She is incredibly talkative and runs thru just about every emotion. :)

    • WendyNeko says:

      I have the weird feeling some names aren’t strange to me in this link… Disturbing…

  9. Yallk says:

    I wish there was a longer video of this! If you ever do a video like this again you should maybe let the model talk a bit more about her getting trapped. I always like hearing a models thoughts about the device she’s trapped in :)
    Showing a bit more of struggling would als be nice.

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