MB317 - Dominique presents: the Thumb Trap

June 7, 2015 ---- picture set and video clip

I can’t believe Dominique was never on MetalBondage.com before! I’m very blessed to have her as one of my personal assistants, she is great! Dominique has been helping me out with ChastityBabes.com for years, and she is a qualified make-up artist as well! She does not live near, but when she comes over she always stays for a while, she even has her own chastity belt! Dominique has probably logged more hours in a chastity belt than any other girl I know! Today, she will be demonstrating my latest device: the Thumb Trap. Modelled after a design by the famous MSP, this device locks the thumbs to a pair of tapered cuffs for a very rigid metal bondage position! Check it out!

5 Responses to Dominique presents: the Thumb Trap

  1. Michael says:

    Dominique is a sweetie. I hope the thumb traps are comfortable to wear. Chastity belts are SEXY to wear. Dominique has worn a belt for years off and on. I’m surprised Dominique hasn’t been on metalbondage. Anyway, A chastity bra would do even better for her next shoot.

    • Pat says:

      Tough pick there Michael. To bra, or not to bra? I know how to solve that tradeoff: Clear poly polycarbonate. That way, she can stay a naturalist.

  2. SP says:

    Can’t quite turn the key with her teeth.

    Body doesn’t quite bend that way.

    Sure is beautiful to see her try though.

    You don’t usually hear frustration from Dominique. The little sighs are fantastic.

  3. Pat says:

    It’s good to see Dominique again Out of all the beauties you’ve hired: She always makes my heart race

  4. Pat says:

    One practical use for those D-rings is hanging a key ring. I’m sure your assistants have had to work with plenty of locks and locking restraints.

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