MB321 - Restless slave girls

July 5, 2015 ---- picture set and video clip

Big boob, big mouth UK hottie Chessie Kay brought her friend to the shoot! And if possible, Jasmine James has got even bigger boobs!! These two are so horny, they can’t stop kissing and touching, even though they have been locked in tight chastity belts (for their own protection of course). Time to separate them! We locked their heavy collars to a dual slave girl kneeling post, just far enough apart to stop them from kissing eachother. Unfortunately, they soon found out that they could still rub their boobs together (and squeeze them)…. sigh… Big boobed slave girls these days…

2 Responses to Restless slave girls

  1. WendyNeko says:

    Their breasts are too big for chastity bras… too bad!

    I love them =^.^=

  2. SP says:

    These two interact beautifully don’t they.

    I did a little post editing on photo 23….held my thumb up to cover the bottom middle right of the screen. :) S’funny how small changes convey vastly different meanings.

    I watched the video a few times, ended up playing “stuck in the middle with you” in the background….if you youtube that song do not watch the Reservoir Dogs version first.


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