MB322 - Elise Graves vs clamps and Ballet Stocks

July 12, 2015 ---- picture set and video clip

Elise Graves is back for another challenge!! She hates clover clamps, so that is a great starting point for today! We have The perfect device to prevent her from removing these harsh clamps. The Ballet Stocks are a variation on our heavy stocks that lock the wrists high above a girl’s head. It is seriously heavy, but Elise still manages to struggle, get upside down, lie down, and she even gets back up again. But there is simply no way she can reach the nipple clamps, the swinging chain hurting with every move! Awesome struggle by one of the net’s toughest bondage girls!

2 Responses to Elise Graves vs clamps and Ballet Stocks

  1. WendyNeko says:

    Her bones! She is skinny!!
    But it’s beautiful to see her with this steel =^.^=

  2. SP says:

    So….I thought you were kidding.

    I mean….how is she going to get upside down. Hell, why would she even want to get upside down. Was kinda puzzling.

    Then, while watching the video….She was getting upside down. Took me a second to realize why. Didn’t see the tongue going at first. :)

    Then I started cheering her on.

    Yep, every torturous movement.


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