MB324 - Satin Bloom in the Iron Crown

July 26, 2015 ---- picture set and video clip

Wow, Satin Bloom is pretty agressive! She is also very hot, gorgeous face and super fit body… time to lock her into one of our custom devices: the Iron Crown! Satin hated it of course, but there was not much she could do with her hands locked to the sides of her collar! We tried to improve her mood by giving her the keys, but it without any help it took her a long time to figure out how this device worked… which made her even more angry!

Member downloads: picture set and video clip
Gear: Chastity Belt, Iron Crown

4 Responses to Satin Bloom in the Iron Crown

  1. WendyNeko says:

    I love this kind of device, which giving the key is useless =^.^=

  2. SP says:

    I can’t believe she was able to unlock and take off the collar. Just makes you want to smile doesn’t it.

    Wanna hear something funny?

    I watched Julia’s last update again just yesterday. I mean, what are the odds.

    Locks don’t tend to get prematurely unlocked very frequently here. Have to give kudos to the model when they are successful.

    PS: photo #61 looks like some sort of new yoga pose. :)

  3. Josh Rimington says:

    Where can a person buy this gear from?

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