MB332 - A very angry Yvette Costeau

September 20, 2015 ---- picture set and video clip

Uh oh, we have pissed off Yvette Costeau again! Her chastity belt is super tight, she is locked in RigidStocks, and we have padlocked her ankles together. And we had to gag her as well, because last time she was swearing and cursing so much!! She is furious!! We better toss her the keys and get out of the way before we get hit by these metal stocks! Yvette will try everything she can to escape, she will even try to break the stocks! She is a very powerful girl, but don’t worry: these stocks are sturdy enough to hold her. She is mad! We are afraid to approach her, so she will have to stay like this until she cools down!

7 Responses to A very angry Yvette Costeau

  1. Michael says:

    Wow. Judging by the wrinkle in Yvette’s stomach, yes, the chastity belt is super tight as it should be. The tighter the belt, the better it is. The next time any of your models gives the finger, she needs to be ball gagged and locked in bondage fist mitts.

  2. WendyNeko says:

    Instead of tossing her the keys, toss her a water bucket to cool her!

  3. Tom says:

    A nice way to cool down an angry girl and the chastity belt looks very good on her!

  4. Forestier says:

    RigidStock is the best!

  5. Mariusz says:

    That’s right, for her own safety and yours (and for our viewing pleasure as well), I’d suggest that you keep her securely locked up for a few more hours, maybe 4-5 to give her a good chance to cool down. But even if she calms down before that… damn, she looks too gorgeous in all this inescapable metal, maybe you can keep her like that for 4-5 hours regardless! :D

  6. Forestier says:

    Nice struggling. I wonder if she could have stood up if she had not been wearing heels…

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