MB333 - Natalia Forrest vs the Posture Trainer

September 27, 2015 ---- picture set and video clip

Wow, it has been a long time since we featured our Posture Trainer! Because it is such a heavy device (almost 10 kilograms), it is very tough to be locked in it! Very tough! So we found our most reluctant model ever and tried it on her to get the best reaction!! Natalia Forrest is perfect for this! She always knows how to express her feelings very well, and she is not feeling very comfortable, to say the least!! This version of the device is even heavier and tighter, since we added the chastity belt module to it! Natalia can barely move! Even so, this is not the heaviest or toughest version of this device. We could always add the solid collar spikes, which would make this device weigh over 11 kilos!

Member downloads: picture set and video clip
Gear: Posture Trainer

11 Responses to Natalia Forrest vs the Posture Trainer

  1. WendyNeko says:

    10 kg of steel! Oh my..!
    10 kg, it must be about 15-20 % of the weight of this girl!
    And it’s not the heaviest… Well, what’s next? a girl wearing half her weight in steel?

    Now I hesitate joining, the updates here are priceless!

  2. Mac says:

    I wouldn’t call her your most reluctant model ever since I always have the feeling that even when she complains, she secretely likes her restraints. It’s more like she wants to argue – and than lose. I’d love to see an argument between her and the key holder like:
    N: Let me out
    K: No
    N Please
    K No
    N: Release me
    K No, this stays on
    N: But why
    K: You’ve been naughty
    N: Please take this off, I won’t misbehave ever again
    K: You’ve said that too often
    N: Please
    K: No, this stays on, end of discussion

    Oh and by the way I personally don’t like the chastity belt here. I know that it’s probably just me and since I’ve only been a member twice, I accept that I don’t get to say much about this. But stil:. To my mind, a chastity belt is a very powerful tool that works as a constant reminder to a botom person that they have surrendered sexual self determination. This however works best if the person wearing it is in a situation that would otherwise completely be controlled by themselves. (Therefor, I love your other website ;-) )
    In a bondage situation on the other hand, the chastity belt is a paradox: Since the girl locked in steel has obviously already surrendered all of her self determination to the keyholder, the chastity belt does not add to the scenario but takes something away. A girl in your Posture Trainer wearing a chastity belt is a little bit less at your mercy than a girl not wearing a chastity belt. Or to put it simple: A girl wearing a chastity belt in a bondage situation becomes less vulnerable.

    But please don’t get me wrong I didn’t want to say that a girl in bondage should be touched or molested in any way unless there is a meta consent. I’m all about “images” here. Or let’s put it this way: The semiotics of bondage

    Does this make sense to you or am I completely confusing?

    P.S. Keep up the good work. Your uptdates are getting better all the time

    • WendyNeko says:

      N: let me out.
      K: no.
      N: Please.
      K: No.
      N: PLEASE!!!!!!!!
      K: yes.
      N: really?
      K: NNNNNOOOOOO!!!!!!
      [then Natalia is gagged]
      K: now say I’m the best guy in the world and I will unlock you.
      N: MmmmMMmmmm…

      Personally I love this belt. Bulky, looks heavy, untouchable, … how could it be better? (OK, I must be influenced by being belted 24/7)
      And: you could make bondage with a girl without belt then give her some sex pleasure with a vibe…

    • Forestier says:

      I think I agree with you — if I understand you correctly.

      In my words: if a girl can’t touch herself, she doesn’t need a CB.

      • Mac says:

        well that’s part of what I meant…but…hm.. let me put it this way:

        If you think bondage as just another way of keeping a girl from touching herself an aditional chastity belt could make the scene somewhat tautological – but still interesting.

        If you think of bondage as a means of subjecting the person in bondage to your will and having them at your mercy, a chastity belt could be interpreted as contradictory:

        She can’t touch herself …. but neither could you (that doesn’t mean I want to see the girls on this site touched by anybody, I’m only refering to symbolic meaning), while the belt by itself does not add to her immobilization. I know, I know, in this case it does but so would a belt without a crotch guard.

        To my mind, bondage is beautiful if it’s just as effective as it must be but not redundand.

        Or to put it simple and most drastically: A girl in a spreader bar who’s also wearing a chastity belt is like bragging about heaving a new sports car with everything it needs ….besides the keys…

  3. Jay says:

    how long does it stay on her>?

  4. Mariusz says:

    So absolutely hopeless in all this inescapable bondage, yet so safe from anyone who would be tempted to take advantage of this lovely lady’s predicament!!!

    • Mac says:

      I understand that this is the concept of this page, but still, I’d prefer naked gorls on this website… just a wish, though

  5. Frank Kent says:

    I L O V E it!! Keep the chastity belt! It just adds to the bondage factor!

    • Mac says:

      No worries. The webmaster will keep ’em. In my point of view, chastity belts don’t add to the bondage factor here but I’m a neclectable minority ;-)

  6. Forestier says:

    She was right: she couldn’t move…

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