MB330 - Roswell Ivory in a creative pose

September 6, 2015 ---- picture set and video clip

What if we put the Lady Roswell Ivory in some metal, chained to a frame by her ankles and harness gag? She needs her hands to support herself and her wrists are locked together. Still, Roswell is able to do some creative posing, even managing a planking position, which is quite a good workout! We are not sure if she is completely secure, this pose may need some changes! Members, please let us know how you would change this to make it even more interesting!! In the meantime, enjoy a naked Lady!!

9 Responses to Roswell Ivory in a creative pose

  1. Marco says:

    Where is the chastity belt?

  2. fokusnik says:

    a belt would still have been nice, and maybe a rod between her ankles to keep her legs open

  3. Duke says:

    Well…I see four locking points on the horizontal bar. And the Lady’s got two feet and two hands. Why not lock her feet on the outside positions left and right and her hands on the inside positions to make her split?
    You can even choose laying her on front or backside :)

  4. robaloo says:

    It would be interesting to try to bring her legs back farther

  5. Gary A says:

    Thigh cuffs would be an obvious support point. Then something around the waist, maybe a chastity belt with a rear D ring.

  6. Michael says:

    A chastity belt should be required for every shoot and every model, no exception. A girl in a tough bondage position will forget she’s wearing metal underwear, I mean chastity belt. Plus the chastity belt is beautiful.

  7. traumaemt says:

    First, a chastity belt and bra, please! Next, how about a spreader bar, with swivels, for the legs and thighs. Then finally, lock her elbows either being chained behind her back, or to a chastity bra. That would make things interesting!

  8. Mac says:

    I like that she is naked. I’m a huge fan of chastitybelts and thus chastitybabes.com but chastitybelts don’t make any sense in extreme metal bondage. In my point of view, Metalbondage models should all be naked – no exceptions.

  9. George says:

    Cann’t you find a good head support that does not need a gag? It’s hard to enjoy a naked lady if we never see a frontal view. But I like the rig and the plank pose was good. George

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