MB345 - Cobie – metal reverse prayer

December 20, 2015 ---- picture set and video clip

Only 2 bondage models have done this before!! Of course, when Australian bondage model Cobie saw this, she really NEEDED to try this as well! It is brutal! Cobie’s arms are pulled up so high she can touch her collar’s padlock! There is absolutely no way for her to escape this predicament, and it is exhausting to even be in this position. Cobie can not move her arms at all! Of course, I gave her the keys to frustrate her a little bit more! This is hard metal bondage! Enjoy watching Cobie’s struggle and don’t forget to read her chastity adventures at ChastityBabes.com!

2 Responses to Cobie – metal reverse prayer

  1. WendyNeko says:

    My meow, what an hard bondage! I understand why only 2 girls before her have done this…
    Respect Cobie, lots of licks on your steel stuff =^.^=

  2. foobazz says:

    Cobie is the greatest!
    Very very cool! .. and hard! That’s the right way ;)

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