MB347 - Antonia Sainz – Wonder Cuffs

January 3, 2016 ---- picture set and video clip

A new year, a new girl, a new device! These custom designed and manufactured cuffs are dubbed ‘Wonder Cuffs’ for obvious reasons. Our new model Antonia Sainz is the first to try them! She liked the first part of the shoot, where the cuffs were fastened around her lower arms with hex screws. No problem there! A powerful image! But Antonia got a little suspicious when we showed her the little connector bar that turns these cuffs into a very strict metal armbinder! This connector can be locked with two padlocks, so there is absolutely no escape from it. It requires a very flexible model with just the right size lower arms! Antonia wished she wasn’t that model… but she was! Happy New Year!

Member downloads: picture set and video clip
Gear: Padded Small Collar, Wonder Cuffs

10 Responses to Antonia Sainz – Wonder Cuffs

  1. WendyNeko says:

    This item interest me a lot! Not to do a reverse prayer or something like that but to wear all the day.
    Thanks to show us new devices =^.^=

  2. Tac says:

    I love this device and I love that she is naked. Beautiful!

  3. Pat says:

    Because this is device forces the elbows straight; you can hang her arms over a horizontal bar. add chain to that collar and she isn’t going anywhere. This might be fun in the bedroom but I’m sure the other members are going to want a chastity belt. However it’s only her 1st shoot. Another great find.

  4. Pat says:

    P.S. Better yet; upper arm cuffs That would make it a half strappado.

  5. fokusnik says:

    Absolutely, a very welcome new arrival to the site !
    Yes, a belt would have been “icing”, but naked is ALWAYS good.
    A nice red ball gag would have been the cherry…. :-)

  6. XLheel says:

    Would love to have a pair of these Wonder Cuffs, would be great with some of my other metal stuff.

    Something you get in the shop by any chance ?

  7. someextra work says:

    Just thinking what a set of lower leg cuffs would with a tapered insert say maybe 24′ at knee and 8′ at ankle. This has al kinds of different poses such as attching knees to arms this leaves a very open place for a magic wand or other toys.

  8. someextra work says:

    as an after thought how about some 8 ” thigh bans with the strip that the band would not shift around on leg during walking. of corse the chastity belt would have to connect with chains still so she could still sit. with the right dress or skirt she could go out in public.

  9. veuillez m’envoyer l’identifiant et le mot de passe pour mon abonnement récent.thank you.

  10. Mariusz says:

    These cuffs are brilliant. They seem to be virtually impossible to escape without the keys, without getting an experienced lockpicker to pick the padlocks via the keyhole. But I honestly don’t see any way these could be attacked with bolt cutters or any tools because of the geometry of these cuffs. Anyone see my point?

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