MB344 - Introducing Rosie

December 13, 2015 ---- picture set and video clip

Aaaaaaaw super cute Rosie is 20 years old and she is a ‘super big fan’ of metal bondage! Unfortunately, she is also super shy. And scared. No worries, we will take it easy on her. A beautiful collar and some heavy cuffs to begin with. Rosie is eager to learn, but she does not really know what to do. What poses does a slave girl assume? What is expected of her? Her huge eyes beg for more information. Everything about Rosie is so innocent and cute, her mouth, her perfect body… she could be the ultimate slave girl… with a lot of training. What do you think? Get her back for more metal bondage sessions?

14 Responses to Introducing Rosie

  1. Michael says:

    Ah, get Rosie in a tight fitting chastity belt that’s as comfortable as possible. She’s cute and need to come back for a bit tougher bondage next time. Rosie, I like you.

  2. fokusnik says:

    For sure, get her back ! But if she’s going to be a good slave, she has to learn that her orifices aren’t hers to use as she pleases… hence, a belt for sure (especially in public, under her clothes), plug(s) in time, frequent use of a gag. She’ll get trained very well, but don’t let those pretty eyes dissuade you !

  3. Jay says:

    A very VERY TIGHT CHASTITY Belt shoud have been put in the 1st instance… And time to come pussy or nipple clamps in public..

  4. foobazz says:

    Absolutely! Get her back! And put a very tight belt on her (like in Melissas number 193 video) but with the hand fixed on that belt, so she can not reach any of her bodys parts … completely naked!
    That would be nice ;)

  5. Leathers says:

    Ah, so she’s not really 20 yrs old anymore. Seeing as this was shot somewhere around May of 2014? No matter, she’s a cute little thing, and seems very interested as as well as rightly suited for her bondage experience. Agree with others, next time she shoots with you for this site, a bit more metal encumberances would be keen, as well as a night fitting chastity belt! Welcome to Metal Bondage, Rosie!

    • WendyNeko says:

      A night fitting chastity belt? You must mean: “tight fitting”.
      Loose belts are not only useless to protect the wearer (against agressors and themselves) , they hurt a lot (the skin chafes on the shield). I have never seen a loose belt locked by this webmaster. He knows doing his job purrfectly =^.^=

      • Leathers says:

        Yes, I did mean *tight fitting*, it was a typo as I was responding from my tablet not from my desktop computer. Thanks for the correction. And yes, I’m well aware that the whole purpose of a chastity belt would be for protection, as well as keeping wandering hands away from a certain area or areas as the case may be.

        I’ve been following the site since nearly from the beginning, both as a paying member and currently just watching the updates as they occur. Appreciate that the webmaster is quite aware of what he’s doing, seeing as he’s been as successful as he’s been all these years throughout all of his scrumptious websites.

  6. Pat says:

    Who can resist that puppy dog look she gives? gorgeous!

  7. someextra work says:

    to bad when hands were be hind her back you could not make use of the “O” ring like attaching it ro an old fasion but hook that would keep hands in plase and add to the peoblem nicely

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