MB384 - Nelly got crowned

September 18, 2016 ---- picture set and video clip

To keep girls like Nelly from touching themselves, you have to locked them in a chastity belt. Then, because they are very impatient and frustrated, they start tugging at the locks and prying at the secondary shield. So you have to lock them in the Iron Crown to keep their hands away from the belt. But then they start protesting and moaning all day, so you have to gag them. Don’t they just realise they are making things harder and harder for themselves!

2 Responses to Nelly got crowned

  1. Forestier says:


  2. Chastity Lover says:

    Poor Nelly! So delightfully restrained, gagged, and crowned!! No touching or pleasure for her – but the pleasure is all mine. The harness gag fits her so well. I do like them firmly fastened.

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