MB389 - Katie Thornton – Boob Bands pet

October 23, 2016 ---- picture set and video clip

The legendary Katie Thornton is back! We just can’t resist to lock her boobs in metal, but Katie does not really like the tight Boob Bands. So she starts tugging at the padlocks, trying to free her boobs. We can’t have that! But wait… Steel Mitts are just the thing we need to stop her from tampering with the Boob Bands! And some chains to frogtie her so she looks like a cute pet on all fours with her locked boobs. Obviously Katie liked this even less, so we also had to gag her to stop her complaining. Perfect!

3 Responses to Katie Thornton – Boob Bands pet

  1. Michel says:

    Katie, bondage is to be enjoyed. Don’t complain.

  2. Tom says:

    Wow! Third time in the boob bands for Katie and I hope there will be several more. She is beautiful!!!

  3. traumaemt says:

    Now all she needs is a chastity belt with thigh bands to make the “outfit” complete!

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