MB410 - Fixed pet girl Yasmine

March 19, 2017 ---- picture set and video clip

We found some awesome new pipe connectors! They open, so we immediately wondered if a girl’s wrist would fit in them. There’s only one way to find out, so we invited the awesomely gorgeous exotic Yasmine to do a little experiment. Yasmine is a real life sub, which is a good thing, because she can hardly be dominant with those innocent eyes and cute lips! She was locked back into her chastity belt before she knew it, and she was a bit scared of the metal bits lying on the floor. These pipes are heavy! Yasmine’s wrists fit in the connectors perfectly! We attached her spreader pipe to a fixed pipe in the floor, so Yasmine could only kneel and wait. No escape!

One Response to Fixed pet girl Yasmine

  1. fokusnik says:

    VERY happy to see Yasmine again, she’s ALWAYS a favourite !

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