MB510 - Crystl and Lynn – emotion and fear

February 17, 2019 ---- picture set and video clip

Remember Crystl and Lynn, two gorgeous lovers / dancers / models? They are back! Locked in their chastity belts, these graceful girls will lock on FIVE pairs of neck cuffs today. This is a lot bigger challenge than you might think, since Crystl has had some very bad experiences in the past that are triggered by anything that goes around her neck. We would not advise anyone to try this but Lynn wants to help her terrified girlfriend through this. So they are going to try it anyway. They have each other for comfort, it is beautiful and very intimate to watch!

2 Responses to Crystl and Lynn – emotion and fear

  1. horus8170 says:

    Those girls are so cute! I hope we will see more of them in future.^^

  2. A Fetish Thing says:

    If the story about the trigger is true (and I believe it is) this has to be one of the most beautiful things shot about bondage. Their emotions are just flooding the scene and the silent ritual of locking every set of neck cuffs around each other’s neck is so delicate and intimate that it’s almost embarrasing to keep looking at it. Congratulations to you and specially to Crystl and Lynn, this piece is such a beauty and an instant classic.

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