MB526 - Mira wanted to try the Sybian

June 9, 2019 ---- picture set and video clip

Having a Sybian machine in the studio attracts all kinds of people! Young Mira wrote us if she could go for a little ride on it. Just a tiny ride, nothing else. She is so cute! Of course, this is MetalBondage.com, so we locked some cuffs and a collar onto her. And she was not allowed to ride the Sybian unless we could lock her wrists to the wall. Mira quickly figured out that it wasn’t going to be her who would be in charge of the controls. This brave young girl did it anyway, and the end of the video definitely gives away what her body thought of this ride on the strongest vibrator in the world!

2 Responses to Mira wanted to try the Sybian

  1. philippe says:

    she has passed the test to be a regular of the site if she wishes it, I approve and I hope to see her again here soon

  2. anna says:

    Mira is a sexy and slim little girl, horny as hell. The sybian would be even more challenging if it had a dildo for her backpassage as well. I think it would suit the horny , cute model.

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