MB558 - Lina vs the 2kg weight

January 19, 2020 ---- picture set and video clip

Lina Roselina is back! The 19-year old cute local girl wanted to try more predicaments after being impaled last time. She is so cute! And tiny, very tiny. This girl will fit into our smallest locking waist cincher (a 58cm waist), and a metal collar looks HUGE on her. She must weigh about 40kg, so there is no way she can move a 2kg weight with her nipples. In fact, she was stuck in the same place by her nipples, and any movement hurt her, so she tried to stay still. Her elbows were locked together so she couldn’t reach the clamps… it is a very evil predicament, but that’s what she asked for!

2 Responses to Lina vs the 2kg weight

  1. desk92 says:

    can we PLEASE see more of this girl :) other than the other video of her is there any other material out there on her? please have her come back for more!

    • webmaster says:

      She will come back! Lina is also on tieable.com, cuffedteens.com, and soon on many other sites! She loves bondage!

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