MB562 - Lucy Lauren – nipple clamp predicament

February 16, 2020 ---- picture set and video clip

Lucy Lauren is back for a new challenge! Locked in the Rigid Box Tie Device, she wonders what the big pole is for. She soon finds out, as her nipples clamps are locked to the pole, making her stand on her toes. It’s a hard challenge, she needs to stay on her toes to avoid pulling on the clamps very hard. But then it gets a lot harder! The attachment point is loosened, completely free to slide down the pole. It is very heavy, and Lucy tries to stop it from sliding, but it pulls her down hard by her nippples. She struggles against the weight, but soon she is down on the floor. Kneeling at the base of the pole, Lucy finds some keys, but she can’t reach them. We make her stand up again by pulling the weight back up the pole. And then we release it again… ouch…

One Response to Lucy Lauren – nipple clamp predicament

  1. chastity prisoner says:

    Very good update! I like to see them suffer otherwise they would earn their money far too easy. And she looks fantastic.

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