MB575 - A new One Bar Prison friend!

May 17, 2020 ---- picture set and video clip

Remember when Nicole Vice and Cindy Dollar tried the One Bar Prison together? Well, Nicole Vice is back, and she brought a new One Bar Prison friend for support! Young Daphne is very inexperienced but curious, and she would never have tried this if Nicole wouldn’t be with her. Locked in big collars, and wearing nothing but high heels, the duo is impaled on two One Bar Prisons. The challenge is to stand around until we come back to lower the dildos. But they don’t know how long we will leave them there, with a cold metal dildo inside them and no way to escape! At least they have each other!

3 Responses to A new One Bar Prison friend!

  1. Tom says:

    Must be really humiliating.
    No one escape the One Bar Prison, but there are always new females who will try.
    The result is always they stand there surprised with the dildo shoved up and waiting to be released.

  2. graylion says:

    I still say: stick a girl in a chastity belt and impale her anally on this, just to make it a bit more frustrating

  3. anja says:

    I think when all Girls get clothed they should dress in a thick mohair-dress With a huge turtleneck. Graylion has also a great idea With the chasitybelt and the anal-impalement

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