MB464 - One Bar Prison friends!!

April 1, 2018 ---- picture set and video clip

Wow, Cindy Dollar is back! We didn’t see her for a few years, but she still looks exactly the same! And better yet, she brought a friend! Nicole Vice was a bit concerned about Cindy so she decided to tag along to see what goes on in a MetalBondage shoot. Well, we had planned to put Cindy on the One Bar Prison, but since Nicole was with her, we might as well impale her too! One Bar Prisons are better with friends! Nicole didn’t blink, she even helped to impale Cindy before being put on her own One Bar Prison. No escape for those two! Well, we gave the allen key to Cindy for a moment, but she is very flexible so we quickly took it away and told the pair to turn around for us and get dressed. Perfect helpless mannequins! We just let them stand there for a while…

3 Responses to One Bar Prison friends!!

  1. Tom says:

    My wishes have become reality.
    Great to see TWO girls on One-Bar-Prison at the same time.
    Together but still impossible to get free! ;)

  2. socair says:

    Lifting the model onto the one bar prison appear frought with danger and would need two people to be afe(ish) Instead its telescopic nature could be exploited with a hand crank or pneumatic device to enable an exact fit to be achieved height wise. Only one person would be needed to install the it would be much safer to do. The potentially more precise ‘fitting’ would ensure the model really would have no choice but to remain where she was left.

  3. c5 says:

    Check out nsx 2004 Dana Part 2 there is a great adaptation of this… a wooden wedge with a tall fat dildo. Girl is lowered onto the dildo and the wedge (wooden horse style) keeps it safe and at the right depth… feet dangling. MB should try something like this! More immobilized and a LOT safer for the model. You could even do dual penetrating dildo bars so she is very full indeed.

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