MB612 - Ballet Sub Ella – wall ornament

January 31, 2021 ---- picture set and video clip

We found this new incredible life style submissive called Ballet Sub Ella! She is every bondage rigger’s dream! Ella has been trained for decades to walk on her toes and she always does so. She is incredibly flexible and can be tied and restrained in any position! Imagine a professional ballet dancer gone full time nude bondage slave, that’s Ella! Of course, we put her in a heavy steel collar and cuffs, and then we just chained her to the wall in a full split pose! Wouldn’t everyone just love to have a wall ornament like Ella? Stay tuned for more Ella soon! The possibilities are just endless!

2 Responses to Ballet Sub Ella – wall ornament

  1. John in NH says:

    One bar prison?

  2. Mike says:

    What an absolute beauty she is!
    I hope you will have her back for more soon.
    Would love to see her chained to the wall in a split and impaled by the one bar prison at the same time

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