MB608 - Thiccy Niccy – locked nose piercing

January 3, 2021 ---- picture set and video clip

Thiccy Niccy is a real life submissive fitted with a permanent nose ring. We like her piercing a lot! It’s so easy to lock her to a slave post, it only requires a small padlock, and there’s nothing she can do about it. We lock Niccy’s nose to a heavy attachment point on the metal pipe and tell her to wait. She is locked in heavy steel: collar, cuffs, and chained ankle cuffs. Her wrists are locked behind her back. It’s nice to watch her, she can’t get away from the pole, locked by her nose. Then we come in and lower the attachment point all the way to the floor. Niccy has to move down with the short chain. She is now in a real slave position, no way to get up! All slave girls should get a permanent nose ring!

2 Responses to Thiccy Niccy – locked nose piercing

  1. William48 says:

    She is a complete slut it seems first hucow.com now metalbondige.com next is so charitybabes.com

  2. hucowlover says:

    Agree with you. All slave girls should get a permanent nose ring. It has so many benefits, They become more submissive and it become easy for master to train them.
    They take bondage more easily then non septum ring ones.

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