MB607 - Cindy Dollar – steel arm immobilization

December 27, 2020 ---- picture set and video clip

Cindy Dollar! We love shooting with her, she is so easy to work with. Anything we lock onto her spectacular body fits very well, and it looks amazing. She never complains about anything. Cindy is literally a perfect bondage doll you can do ANYTHING with. Today, we try the most rigid arm bondage ever, with the custom made Wonder Cuffs, again a perfect fit for Cindy! We restrain her arms behind her back and then lock the Wonder Cuffs to the back of her chastity belt. Her arms are bent a little, and we add a pair of heavy elbow cuffs! Cindy couldn’t move her arms at all! From the front it looks like she has no arms! We threw the key on the floor, but of course Cindy knew she was completely helpless…

2 Responses to Cindy Dollar – steel arm immobilization

  1. Peter Pan says:

    IIt is a fantasy to see the fantastic Cindy in that way coinciding with the new Wonder Woman movie, the images are mixed in my head.
    Great job as always

  2. Marga says:

    Her appearance from the front, as if she had no arms is fantastic!

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