MB616 - Cindy Dollar – nipple weight lifting

February 28, 2021 ---- picture set and video clip

More Cindy Dollar! She is just an amazing trooper, we have put her through so many challenges. But today’s challenge might be her biggest one yet! Cindy is going to lift weights with her nipples! We have a custom made weights set which consists of 250 grams, 500 grams, 1 kilogram, and 2 kilogram weights. Cindy will try to lift increasingly heavy weights with her clover clamps (which already hurt a lot on their own). She starts with 250. Then she goes up to 500. And she combines 250 plus 500 for a total of 750 grams. Then the 1 kilogram weight. And so on. What will be her nipple weight lifting record? Do you think we should make a competition out of this?

4 Responses to Cindy Dollar – nipple weight lifting

  1. Ron Moody says:

    Damn: Love this girl and really love clover clamps. I need to become a member again just to see this video

  2. hucowlover says:

    Nice update. I think Cindy has toughest nipple among all models here. Want too see more challenge like this.

  3. Paul says:

    I answer to your question: yes you can make a contest BUT don’t forget it is a bondage site!
    Models should be in handcuffs, hands behind or in a rigidstock and they would have to pick up the weights one after the other. Therefore, a hook would be added in the middle of the clamps chain and the ring of the weigth would be larger.
    So they could “play” as kids picking up plastic ducks in fancy fairs.
    The contest could be a time contest.1 record for lifting 3 weigths (250, 500 & 1000) and another one for those who can lift 2kg.

  4. TamLin says:

    Think of inaugurating the “kinky olympics”…. Nipple Clamps weight lifting can surely be one of the modalities :))

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