MB615 - Valentina Bianco – Sybian seat

February 21, 2021 ---- picture set and video clip

I built a Sybian seat! And Valentina Bianco is the first one to try it. I didn’t like it when models could touch the floor with their knees or feet, because then they had control over how hard their clit was pressed onto the Sybian! With the Sybian seat, models will have their full weight on the most powerful vibrator in the world, without being able to lift themselves up. It will be awesome! Once you are locked to the seat (wrists, collar, and ankle spreader bar), you are in for the ride! Models on the Sybian seat have no control at all! Check out the video and picture set to see what happened to poor little Valentina!

7 Responses to Valentina Bianco – Sybian seat

  1. monsterskippy says:

    would love to see katie thornton on that it would be amazing

  2. Slavelabor says:

    You got to lock Little Caprice in this device.

  3. Andy says:

    The 3rd pic is amazing. Defiant,. but so vulnerable.

  4. ANnon82 says:

    You should get some of the alternate attachments for your Sybian. A number of the alternate attachments have g-spot stimulation designs. Could make for some more intense squirting orgasms on camera.

  5. rob says:

    I vote for more models on this device. LittleCaprice and gymnast atlanta moreno come to mind.

  6. AlysK9 says:

    My husband loves the design and wants to strap me on to it! He agrees with you regarding the Sybian on the floor and the model being able to push off when to intense. It’s like the metal horse and the models weight works against her. I can’t wait until my husband rigs this up for me at home. Thank you

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