MB712 - Thiccy Niccy on the One Bar Prison

January 1, 2023 ---- picture set and video clip

Huge permanent septum ring and boob cuffs… yes it is Thiccy Niccy, the ultimate submissive! She’s back again! This time I put her on the One Bar Prison and left her standing there for a while. It is such a weird predicament! Wearing high heels, you can not escape the One Bar Prison. All you can do is stand there, impaled and helpless. Niccy is so much fun, she is one of the resident submissives at HuCows.com, having dedicated her life to being a good slave girl. She is always available for custom videos, but please note: her septum ring can not be removed.

One Response to Thiccy Niccy on the One Bar Prison

  1. hucowlover says:

    Like her permanent septum ring. She looks great with it, like a proper hucow. One question though, who do you installed it on her septum, there is no cut or balls in it?

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