MB771 - Cindy Dollar – serving tray

February 18, 2024 ---- picture set and video clip

The dreaded serving tray is back! This heavy wooden tray is attached to a locking steel waist band, but that is not enough to hold it straight. It needs a pair of nipple clamps to make it perfectly level, and Cindy Dollar (with her sensitive nipples) wasn’t too happy about that. Not only that, I also locked her elbows and wrists in the tightest extreme steel bondage position, so there was no way for her to remove her clamps. I think Cindy makes a perfect waitress! Wouldn’t you like to have her walk around at your party, serving drinks?

One Response to Cindy Dollar – serving tray

  1. bw says:

    This nipple clamped tray setup is one from the absolute top of my private fetish fantasies. With all the helplessness the cuffs and the elbow ones provides. And this nice, shiny collar… I mean, everything is better with such collar.


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