All updates featuring Shenenne

MB032 - Shenenne continues her training

Added December 20, 2009 ---- 83 pictures + 5:26 minutes of video

Our beautiful blond pet slave Shenenne has agreed to take her metal bondage training one step further… again. This time we will make sure she can not move at all. Her harness ball gag is attached to her solid steel waist band. Her collar, wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs are attached to a wicked metal frame which also supports her stomach for a perfect slave posture. No way out! She didn’t like it, but we sure did!!

MB018 - Shenenne in RigidFiddle model ‘oo’

Added September 13, 2009 ---- 67 pictures + 5:54 minutes of video

Sometimes, metal bondage can be so simple. The RigidFiddle model ‘oo’ is a brilliant piece of engineering. To be stuck in one doesn´t seem to be very harsh, but as Shenenne finds out: it is very frustrating to be locked in this device for a couple of hours! Especially when the keys are available and it turns out she still can’t escape. We just sit back and watch! Just a few hours left, Shenenne!

MB007 - Shenenne helpless in chain bondage

Added June 28, 2009 ---- 104 pictures + 5:31 minutes of video

Still in her custom made steel collar, waist band, and cuffs, Shenenne is gagged and restrained in a tight chain bondage. Her wrists are crossed behind her back and padlocked to two special loops on the back of her waist band. Helpless!!!

MB003 - Pet slave Shenenne in steel

Added May 31, 2009 ---- 83 pictures + 5:35 minutes of video

Pet slave Shenenne wearing very heavy handmade restraints. Escape is impossible! Beautiful steel master pieces on her wrists, ankles, waist and her neck. The heavy collar is chained to the radiator.