MB062 - Natalie nipple clamped

July 18, 2010 ---- picture set and video clip

Blonde and tanned Natalie is a little peculiar, she insists on keeping her panties on, even when she has to wear a chastity belt. It makes her feel less vulnarable. Well, we think that being locked into a Rigidstock and chained to the ceiling is vulnarable enough ;-) Natalie soon finds out that being nipple clamped really hurts, and there is nothing she can do to stop it. But wait: there’s one thing that hurts even more… can you guess what it is? Find out by watching this week’s great video clip!

Member downloads: picture set and video clip
Gear: Chastity Belt, Nipple Clamps, RigidStock TL

One Response to Natalie nipple clamped

  1. vijaykumar says:

    Super but pls do very hard bondage and nipple has clamped very hard.

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