MB155 - Leyla Gold naked and gagged

April 29, 2012 ---- picture set and video clip

The most famous Dutch fetish porn star, Leyla Gold, has been on our website for some time now. She has been trained by us to prolong her ability to wear a chastity belt, a ballgag, and even nipple clamps! This time we tell her she will be wearing nothing at all! Just a little bit of metal we like to call six-point restraints. Leyla thinks it will be an easy shoot, but we have a devious plan: we lock her wrists to her waist band and then we add a shiny tight red ballgag. She can not reach the gag, so she is powerless yet again!! What would you do with her if you found her like this?

3 Responses to Leyla Gold naked and gagged

  1. Tom says:

    Great new update and…wonderful new strategy.
    Hope to see all your models totally nude one after another now.

  2. Forestier says:

    I like it naked too. But… I hope she can in no way touch herself; the shackles seem a little loose after all.
    How many hours/days before she stops fighting?

  3. JO says:

    Love waistbelts, i really hope you guys will do a vid with buttplugs, make the chain from the waistbelt a bit longer but never enough for Lelya to reach the plug. The idea of so close yet so far will be a turn on for many!

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