And now… cute little AnnaBelle Lee will show you how it’s done! Haha, this tiny girl really loves the feel of heavy metal, as we found out a few months ago. This time she is enjoying herself with a piece of equipment that is super heavy, especially for AnnaBelle. She squeals for joy as she is showing us how to lock on this huge diaper shaped piece of steel onto her waist and crotch. Pulling the chains tight, she locks all padlocks into place and then goes on to pose for us in a playful manner. She tries touching herself, but there is simply no way!

3 Responses to AnnaBelle Lee locking herself into the heavy steel ‘chastity diaper’

  1. Brad says:

    Extremely cute in a demure way, athletic, and incredibly sexy.

  2. Forestier says:

    There’s something wrong: she seems to like wearing it!

  3. robor says:

    The chastity iaper is a wonderful invention. But one thing could be better. The metalpart between her legs is not wide enugh. Would’nt it be better, it would so wite, that she has to spread her legs every time. And also a spreader bar between her ancle-cuffs would be helpful.

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