MB205 - Davon Kim – pet slave

April 14, 2013 ---- picture set and video clip

The incredibly hot tiny Asian girl is back! Davon Kim is locked into matching metal gear: wrist, ankles, and collar… and the incredible custom made metal waist cincher. It is small, even for Davon! Locked on with two unforgiving locking clasps on the back, Davon needs to focus on her breathing, it is more rigid than wearing a corset! It makes her very submissive. She even offers us the chain leash that is attached to her collar, and proceeds to lock herself into the tiny dog cage. Who wouldn’t love to own a Davon pet?

2 Responses to Davon Kim – pet slave

  1. Max says:

    almost perfect but if you decide to leave her crotch uncovered, you should at least make use of that wrist cuffs to the waste band. Otherwise, she could enjoy her confinement in a way certainly not fit for pet slaves

  2. Sarenaph says:

    Beautiful model. Not a fan of the rubber lining and edges to the metalwork though.

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