MB240 - Tegan in heavy chains

December 15, 2013 ---- picture set and video clip

Cute submissive Tegan was our bondage find of 2013! Remember her awesome introduction in the extreme Posture Fiddle? And she was chastity belted right on her first shoot! This girl is a real bondage angel, with her blonde hair, big innocent eyes, flexible body and big boobs! You just get a feeling she can handle anything and everything, she will never say no, and accept any challenge, no matter how hard. This week we locked her into a massive amount of heavy cuffs and chains (and a chastity belt of course). The chain and restraints weigh in at several kilos, and soon Tegan can not stand anymore, she has to kneel down. She even has to lie down at the end of this heavy metal bondage endurance challenge! We will definitely invite her back again soon!

3 Responses to Tegan in heavy chains

  1. jd says:

    Awesome girl! She is very lovely and helpless in metal. Please bring her back very soon!

  2. Gladiator says:

    Tegan is absolutely lovely!

  3. Forestier says:

    Lovely girl, nice begging, but come on, these chains are not heavy: she could stand and move with them on!

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