MB270 - Yvette Costeau in the Ballet Stocks

July 13, 2014 ---- picture set and video clip

Even Germany’s biggest bondage star, Yvette Costeau, was getting curious about ‘this metal bondage website’. We are very proud to have her, she doesn’t do many shoots other than her own! This is one of the toughest girls around, so we decided to show her our custom made Ballet Stocks. Yvette was intrigued, with all of her experience she had not seen anything like this before. We quickly locked her into it, and it was a very tight fit! It’s a hard position, but Yvette liked it, until we nipple clamped her… because that’s just the most frustrating thing to do to a girl in Ballet Stocks! Turns out Yvette does not like nipple clamps at all! Well, tough luck, try to get them off yourself! And stop swearing in German ;-)

8 Responses to Yvette Costeau in the Ballet Stocks

  1. Tom says:

    Nice fighting girl and plus for the tight chastity belt.

  2. next time gag Yvette Costeau that way there will be no swearing in german.

  3. M says:

    When a lady gives the finger, shove a ball gag in her mouth and lock bondage mittens on her hands.

  4. Marcus Metz says:

    Yvette Costeau is the best Bondage-Model in Germany. I am happy to see her at Fetish Con in Tampa. …..

  5. SP says:

    Beautiful craftsmanship on the stocks. Really wish I spoke German.

  6. Forestier says:

    Nice stocks, and quite a temper!

  7. Peter says:

    Ballet boots

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