MB271 - Bridget – figurehead

July 20, 2014 ---- picture set and video clip

Another new model at www.metalbondage.com!! This girl combines a pretty face with incredible curves! Bridget came all the way from Italy to model for us, even if she did not really know what it would be like. We don’t expect her to come back any time soon, so she had to be belted on her first shoot. We wanted to sculpt her into a figurehead-like statue, because of her incredible boobs! We cuff her to a frame by her wrists AND elbows for extra security, and attach her ankles to the frame as well. High heels gave her a nice posture, but it was not enough. We added a back bar to push her chest forward, making her boobs stick out all the way! If we ever buy a MetalBondage.com ship, this should definitely go on the bow! What a great figurehead!

4 Responses to Bridget – figurehead

  1. SP says:

    The sight of your ship would shiver some timbers and jolly most rogers.

  2. mac says:

    There should be a spacer of some sort between the frame and The bar that pushes her chest forward to make it a little bit more extreme… I love the bittersweet irony behind all of this. She is forced to present herself as sexy as possible but then she has to wear a chastity belt… nice

  3. Forestier says:

    Fantastic! A portable chained-to-the-wall-without-a-wall girl storage device! Would be even better if it was noiseless.

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