MB310 - Sarah Jain posing in the Steel Hobble Dress

April 19, 2015 ---- picture set and video clip

It’s been a long time since we dug out our custom built Steel Hobble Dress! It is an insane creation, super heavy, and a torment in itself! All in all, a perfect piece of equipment for our lovely victim Sarah Jain! This US swimsuit model usually expects something easy when shooting with us, but ends up in the heaviest and most impossible bondage situations, just because her struggling and complaining is so great to watch! She was not happy at all when she was locked in this dress for much longer than she anticipated. It is impossible to sit or kneel, so all Sarah Jain could do was pose for us. And complain of course.

2 Responses to Sarah Jain posing in the Steel Hobble Dress

  1. Tom says:

    Nice Sarah Jain! The Steel Hobble dress should be used considerably more. Gives the model a specific posture, but the many D-rings could be used for much more interesting things. Why not one more model that gets stuck outside?

  2. kohaku says:

    very beautiful metal dress!!
    Don’t you have steel LONG hobble dress or steel china dress or steel Japanese kimono?

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