MB327 - Cory Spice – the heavy steel hobble dress

August 16, 2015 ---- picture set and video clip

Tiny big boobed Cory Spice is back! New black hairstyle, but same submissive little bombshell! Of course she is locked in a chastity belt… and a very heavy tight steel collar. But the biggest challenges is on the floor next to her: the incredibly heavy steel hobble dress! We just know that this device is the perfect size for Cory! She can barely lift it, but with some help she manages to get locked into the dress. It’s perfect! She can not even bend or kneel! And with the chastity belt AND this dress, Cobie is ultra secure!

2 Responses to Cory Spice – the heavy steel hobble dress

  1. SP says:

    They’ve both worn it but Cory has to be the polar opposite of Sarah Jain.

    I liked the ending too, it was unexpected.

    Sometimes though, you must work with a model who’s hard to forget. I’m talking about the last line of the above teaser text. :)

  2. Tom says:

    Steel hobble dress AND chastity belt! :D
    What will it be next time? + Steel bra… ;)

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