MB328 - Boobs and RigidStocks

August 23, 2015 ---- picture set and video clip

Chessie Kay and Jasmine James are back!! After trying to stop them from kissing last time, we just had to find something more challenging for these girls! We needed to lock them in metal devices, but leave their boobs exposed and vulnerable! There’s only one solution: RigidStocks!! Jasmine got to lock Chessie in first, and she was loving it, until she found out that she would be locked in the triple weight RigidStock TL XXL!! It is literally three times as thick as Chessie’s regular RigidStock. Boobs and RigidStocks, it’s just awesome! Don’t miss this!

2 Responses to Boobs and RigidStocks

  1. Artorevs says:

    Beautiful girls with big boobs and locked in inescapable metal are equal to a great update ;)

  2. Mariusz says:

    These ladies are quite a sight, such sexy bodies and stiletto heels and all bound and helpless… It’s a good thing their intimate parts are kept 100% safe! And even the ordinary stocks that Chessie is wearing are dead-serious and couldn’t be broken / bent / escaped even by the strongest man in the world but, in bondage, it’s nice to exxaggerate sometimes, the XXL stocks are gorgeous!

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