MB336 - Lily – on the stand

October 18, 2015 ---- picture set and video clip

From the moment we locked Lily’s legs to this frame, she was already stuck. She would never be able to get off this frame by herself. Locked in full chastity, our favorite gymnast was actually quite comfortable. This is an easy split for her, and she was not sitting on her chastity belt (it was resting between the pipes). So there would be no reason to let her down soon! We cuffed her hands behind the pole with big heavy manacles. And then her neck was rigidly locked to the pole as well. She could not move very much, but we added a ballgag, just in case she wanted to protest this ‘flying’ metal bondage position! Familiar? Yes, Yu did it too, don’t forget to watch that one as well!

7 Responses to Lily – on the stand

  1. WendyNeko says:

    Give her the keys to let her unlock by herself!
    Very nice! Meow =^.^=

  2. Mac says:

    Why did you lock her breasts away from our eyes? They’d have been exposed quite nicely. Anyways. Great idea. She looks so sexy in that position.

  3. CR says:

    the zipfile containing the video appears to be corrupted

  4. George says:

    Please lose the gags. I enjoy the moaning and drones which show the pain points for the model

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